15th Anniversary of Tabatha & me

I met Tabatha Predovich on the day I qualified for Social Security. She came to the Spy House in response to an ad for a singer that I had placed in the City Pages (That's how people communicated back in the Stone Age.)  Here's a (p)recreation of the event. Names and genders have been changed to protect the easily embarrassed.

My life is based on the movie Eddie and the Cruisers

It was the luckiest day of my life. The punk tradition was that 3 or 4 friends with no musical background would go into a garage and emerge in a couple of weeks to take the stage with their own unique sound. I had no intention of auditioning a singer because anyone could be in a band. It was entirely by chance then, that I ended up with a classically trained vocalist like Tabatha who could perfectly articulate my lyrics. And her husband, Rich, played guitar and was a genius at record production.You can buy the book/CD on https://www.amazon.com/Invisible-Jazz-John-Christopher-Shillock/dp/B000WMG5DW

  A couple months into our project Tabatha was diagnosed with cancer and we went on hiatus while she underwent an excruciating course of radiation and chemotherapy. She was the bravest person I've ever met, certainly braver than any man I've known. As she said, sometimes you need to get close to dying to realize what life is worth.
Tabatha swore she'd kick cancer's ass.
I cut my hair in solidarity.
Several years later I was diagnosed with cancer and her example became an inspiration to me and a comfort.  She came to visit me in the hospital while I was undergoing chemotherapy. I was the envy of the cancer ward.
My Grandson, Justin Shilllock, calls this "World's Worst Shasta ad."

Later she took me out while I was recovering from the radiation. This was at a gallery opening.

We did a photoshoot at Chester and Marcia's homeless shelter under the 10th Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi. 


Tabatha performing at Ground Zero

Us performing at Bosso Poetry - Recording at Terrarium Studios

Tabatha's talented and loving husband,               Tabatha's mother, Loren Daniels, is a  
Rich Patterson                                                      beautiful and talented lady, No 
.                                                                            surprise!

DAVID DANIELS with Tabatha and Chris

Anne Calvit Shillock , my Daughter-in-law, knit me a scarf the color of Tabatha's hair. - by the Ice Palace in the Saint Paul Winter Carnuival

Whenever I'm feeling down I think of Tabatha's sweet smile...

...or her silly smile.

Whenever I'm with Tabatha, she always makes me look good.

Sometimes I perform some of our songs with Tabatha and Rich's
new band, Uzza. My granddaughter, Marielle is dancing in front.

 Tabatha made me what I am today. Without her I'd be just a songwriter without a singer. As for Social Social Security, well it barely pays the rent so I'm still working.

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  1. These words and this story remind me that life is unpredictable, and humanity, salvageable.