Marx and Marielle go to Town

Brooklyn Subway

I was supposed to go to New York for five days with my Granddaughter, Marielle Mitchell, but I had to drop out because of my breathing problems. I told her to go ahead: she would be my proxy. And a great job she did! Carrying the icon of Marx into the very bars and subways of capitalist Gotham!

Video (Whiskey Tavern)

 She had New York literally at her feet

The Trip

At the MSP Airport with her father, Tim Mitchell

The occasion was the Celebration of the life of her greatgrandmother Syd Ginsburg in Nyack, NY

Marx is looking for the Eclipse of Capitalism

Marielle's step-brother, Carlton Barber

Marielle's aunt Erin deWard

Whiskey Tavern

79 Baxter Street - NYC




The Grey Dog

49 Carmine St, NYC

  Alanna Petraske's father Alan was one of my closest friends in college. I stayed at his and Anita's apartment on Jones St when I came back to visit with the boys. Alanna lives in the same co-op now. Alan and I don't get out much any more so I was so glad these two kids could get together.,


 11 West 53 Street, NYC

Marx on Matisse

Marx views Van Gogh
Marx inspects le douanier Rousseau












Blue Agave Pulqueria

11 Doyers St, NYC












Chinatown Park



The Whiskey on Grand

524 Grand Street - Brooklyn NY  

Rocco, Karl & Marielle
Karl gets in the game

Karl gets frisky















6 St Marks Pl, NYC 

169 Bar

169 E Broadway, NYC

Karl and AndrĂ©. Playing pool; looking cool!    
















1803 Bar

82 Read St, NYC 

Bowery Ballroom

6 Delancey St, NYC


Drew Holcomb performing











Washington Square

Nancy Whiskey Pub

1 Lispenard St, NYC

I think Marielle probably had more fun in New York in 5 days than I did in 10 years    

The Departure

Rikers Island

Marielle's full album is on Facebook HERE