LISTS and Links

Since the internet, and especially since becoming a writer and a performer, I’ve realized how many truly great unknown musicians, poets etc. there are. This can be discouraging, but also something of a relief. It's OK never to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone.

I realize I’m not a music critic. I don't have anything to say, just: I’ve heard it and I like it or I don ‘t. The bookmarks here belong to people I like. Categories hang loosely around their shoulders. “Jazz” may mean “Well, she composes in a classical format but she plays mostly in clubs” In fact, those are the people I like most. NOTE I realize there are many greats I've left off the list; some deliberately like personal friends or artists already well known. Feel free to make your own recommendations.

Francisco Guerrero              Renaissance composer   Ave Maria
Blue Heron                             Renaissance choir   Hodie puer nascitur (Anon)
Alvin Curran                           Composer   Voyage in the Planet of Art
Goebbels                                Composer   Walden
Christian Wolff                       Composer  on Roulette TV
Yitzhak Yedid                         Composer   Oud Bass Piano Trio
Carter Burwell                        Film score composer   Moloch
Teiji Ito                                    Film score composer   Meshes of the Afternoon
Max Richter                            Film score composer   On the Nature of Daylight

Chris Gestrin                          Jazz composer   After the City Has Gone: Quiet
Pete M Wyer                           Jazz composer   Stories from the City at Night
Elise Caron                             Singer   J'aime le vent
Franziska Bauman                 Singer   Voices and Tides
Eve Egoyan                             Pianist   Surface Tension
Zoe Keating                            Cellist   Legions (War)
Alessandra Celletti                Pianist   Satie,  Shooting Stars,  100 Dreams
Myra Melford                          Jazz Pianist, Composer   Spark w/Marty Ehrlich
Ellery Eskelin                         Jazz saxophone   One Great Day
Satoko Fujii                            Jazz pianist   Live/Cafe Metropole
Stanley Jordan                       Jazz guitarist   Street Talk
Amir el Saffar                         Trumpet, santur player   Within/Between

Audrey Chen                          Jazz vocalist  at Muzzix #10 Festival
Hilary Kole                              Jazz vocalist  Blackberry Winter
Maria Pia de Vito                    Jazz Vocalist   At a photo shoot
Norma Winstone                    Jazz vocalist   Distance
Sunny Kim                               Jazz vocalist   Eternal Life
Youn Sun Nah                        Jazz vocalist   Shenandoah
Annika Line Trost                  Soft Rock   Ducky
Nightwish                                Hard Rock   I Wish I Had an Angel
Black Marble                           Folk   The Devil's Canning Party

Lhasa de Sela                         International singer   Con toda palabra
Unni Løvlid                             Norwegian singer   Vita clips
Horacio Guarany                    Argentine Singer   Si se calla el cantor
Gotan                                       New tango   Gloria,   Queremos paz
Bajofondo                               New tango   El anden
Sabreena da Witch                 Palestinian rapper   Where no one is
Mounira Mitchala                   Chadian singer   RFI Concert

Isa Sanz                                   Performance artist   I Bleed but I Do Not Die
Jane Korman                          Performance artist   Dancing Auschwitz
Les 7 doigts de la main         New circus    from La vie
Dance Film Project                Dance video   Haptic Deviation
Matt Harding                           Dance video   Where the Hell is Matt
Souleymane Diamanka          Spoken word    Papillon en papier
Abd elMalik Nounouhi           Calligrapher   Samples