Zero Hour

Careening amphetamine dawn - 
cell phone stalkersmob the streets 
and there's shelter in your temple
where the air is light and the light
writhes in clenched glass teeth,and the choir's singing
a hymn by Leonard Cohen. 
There's sanctuary in your body;
the rising light's a sacrifice
to your long golden hair.
Are you surprised that I wrote you this poem? 
Now the clock has stopped,the pale mob transfixed. 
The future isn't born yet;
the past will not die. 
Is any of this real,
or just that song by Leonard Cohen? 
Your knife blade is nervous now;
mercy gleams metallic 
when I kneel for the host. 
Your trigger finger's twitches 
while I'm kissing the old scars 
your lovers left behind. 
Are you a little frightened 
that I raised you this altar now?
Are you surprised
that I made it of gold?

from Invisible Jazz. In tribute to the release of Leonard Cohen's  new album Old Ideas. 

it was good to meet you, Leonard 

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