with Dhanni Boldtergeist and Scott Rohr, percussion
in David Daniel's production Word, Sound, Power - Minneapolis 04/27/12

X-peri-Mental Poems

Sing Muse,
of King Kong on the Fire Escape,
of Ape and tragedy on W. 34th Street.
Ode to the Empire holding sway
from Skull Island in the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East;
Beauty nor the City left unsung.
Swing Bop or waltz me Ape in the allez
Not poetry my song is a punchline
where a horse turns into a bar,
a man turns to the gorilla and says
Call me a cab on the telephone.
A sentence for syntax,
but grant me parole to extend my langue
Sirens a-wail with lying intent
What hairy plinth is this
This is
Thesis Antithesis Synthesis
I no U suite laDy,
U B my b'A-B 2nite

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