Tango para Milka

old man dances alone on stage
        - the naked stage
Pierced by a silver shaft of light
        - hailed by the crowd.

glides like a phantom thru slanting rays
        -  shadow of longing.
A shade lingering on the old brick walls
        - clinging for shelter.

crisscross like sharpening knives
        - blades of steel,
Tracing patterns in the gathering dust                                                         
        - dust from the ages. 

¡Tango sagrado al alunecer!
Sacred tango late into the night!
¡Un tango virtual electronico!
Our virtual tango across the net!

Love! Love!
Laser love.

old man remembers a line from the song
    - encoded in rhyme.
Disjointed logic but the beat goes on
    - heart of the tango.

Moonlight whispers like
    - silk across silk
Promises fading as the shadows
    - grow longer.

Who carries him thru his lonely trance
    - to glide and swoon
Then rise again to meet as one
    - once more?

Nuestro tango virtual electronico;
Our virtual tango across the sea.

Love, love  - laser love.

Un baile nuevo by Molina Campos

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