Mpls. Summer by Westy Caswell Copeland.

 I used to run into Jon and Westy Copeland all the time back in the day (the 80's); so much so that we would joke about it. "Why, here's Chris whom we never see" " Why, Jon, it must have been at least 24 hours since the last time!" We all enjoyed a lot of the same kinds of music, punk, reggae, African, experimental so most nights would find us down at First Avenue.

Westy works with a wide variety of material As she explains herself, "She “paints” her canvases with brushes, rags, stamps, stencils, and her bare hands, often incorporating old music, newspaper, book pages, and maps. The resulting layers of paint and images are a mirror of the layers of our lives, revealing the swirling colors of our world." Two of her favorite subjects are cats and the city of Minneapolis. I had bought one of Westy 's cat paintings a long time ago for someone (Anne ) in my family. Here I bought one of her colorful skyline paintings for myself.



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