My Artworks, My Friends and Family - a List

As part of the exhibit, featured collectors were given a series of questions. I was asked:

    Q. What does supporting the Twin Cities art community mean to you?
    A.There's an internet meme that goes "When you buy the work of an artist. you're not just buying a thing. you're getting a piece of someone's heart, a part of their soul."  When I'm alone at home, it's like I'm surrounded by friends.

That inspired me to post this list. Compiling it brought back memories of good times, great friends and fine art. My granddaughter, Marielle Mitchell, took most of the pictures. I hope you enjoy it.


           Anonymous  - China                   

Heidi Arneson - Minneapolis


Westy Caswell Copeland - Minneapolis/Vermomt




        Michelle Cohen - Minneapolis



                    Venus De Mars - Minneapolis

  David Devaux - Paris

               daughtersandsuns - Minneapolis

      David Gullickson  - Minneapolis

              Nicholas Harper 
- Minneapolis

  Daisy Edith Hess
- Portland. OR

            Shoshanah Holl - Minneapolis


               JAO - Minneapolis


                      Emily Kaplan - Minneapolis

                   Moonear Khar
- Minneapolis

                 Linnea Maas - Minneapolis

                     Mary Jane Mansfield - Minneapolis/ St. Paul

         Gayle Maxwell
- Minneapolis


                        Aldo Moroni
- Minneapolis

                 joni morris  Minneapolis/Tucson


Ayanna Muata - Minneapolis


Susan Opitz 
Minneapolis/ Malvern, AR



 Scott Pollock - Minneapolis


                    Isa Sanz - Ibiza

                        Ian Shillock - Minneapolis


                           Ted Shillock Portland OR


                   Carly Swenson
- Saint Paul



- Toronto

                             Jan van Eyck - Bruges

         Glenn Wm Oktober Wymore - Minneapolis

                  James Zucco Minneapolis



Gallery owner Jade Patrick writes:  Cassie Garner and I got to spend time in [Christopher's] home admiring the artwork he has collected from Gamut and other places and people over the years. [He] has been a supporter of the gallery since the very beginning, and has reminded us of why we do what we do on more than one occasion. He gets it. He understands how art gives meaning to everyday life.


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