Band Box Diner

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If you live in Minneapolis it takes a real effort NOT to get involved with the arts. I started this album taking pictures of my family at the Band Box Diner. Then I added some of my friends. Now I'm afraid I have a regular Arts Project going.

I say "Arts" but I'm not really a photographer although some of these turned out OK. It's more an appreciation of a cool old-fashioned diner where they make great hamburgers and the servers still call you "Honey."

By now (11/1/2018) I have shots of 100 people at the Band Box Diner: people of all ages, races, walks of life. I have GLBT and straights; I have neighborhood characters and visitors from other countries: Iceland. France, Italy, Turkey, China. I have starving artists and Hollywood stars. Atheists and spiritual practitioners. There are anarchists here, Maoists and many, many DFL Liberals (no Republicans to my knowledge but there is an American soldier). I have seen policemen sipping their coffee at Band Box and that's OK; like Rick's in Casablanca, in Minneapolis everyone stops at the Band Box. I have photos of a friend I met in college half a century ago ( as well as some people I literally dragged in off the street (

For the milestone 100th photos I wanted to bring in another neighborhood icon. In the short time the Gamut Gallery has been around, Jade and James Patrick (JP), along with Cassie Garner, have turned it into the most popular gallery in town, Wander into most art galleries and they look at you like you're in the wrong restroom. At the Gamut you'll always get a friendly welcome. It's okay if you just want to look at the art; they're proud of it. And if you do want to buy something, you'll find the paintings are usually priced to sell.

Also Jade and JP were my neighbors downtown at The Handicraft Guild - plus they are the parents of two adorable highly photogenic twins. Special thanks to Ian Shillock who took these shots.

Further Info:

USA Today - Burger joint gets surprise blessing from its customers

KARE11 -The Band Box in Times of the Pandemic

Amy Anderson
Doug Anderson
Heidi Arneson
Pamela Austad

Bailey, 2
Lenor Barry
August Berkshire
Dan Bolling

Carlo Carere
Erin Carere
Jerome Chateau
Christopher Flemal
Giulianna Ciabo, 2
Isabelle Collins, 2
Jon Copeland
Westy Caswell Copeland, 2,
Laura Czarnecki

Heather Dalzen 2
Tane Danger
Phil Daniel
David Daniels
Julian Davis, 2 3 4 5
Debble Debellis
Desiree Denise Denny
Michael Dresden, 2,

Sarah Erickson
Mike Ewing, 2

Chris Flemal
Jack Foley, 2, 3
Terry Folz, 2
Food Paradise
Carl Franzen
John Freeman

Cassie Garner
Lynn Gray
Greta Gozum, 2, 3,
David Gullickson, 2,
Valur Gunnarsson

Vicki Hansen
David Hemmingway
Kristine Hites
Dwight Hobbes
Shoshanah Holl, 2
Brixton Hughes

Don Jirak
Edward Jirak, 2, 3,
Bradley Coleman Johnson
Kelli Jeanne Johnson
Kurtis Johnson
Julie Jao, 2,

Vicki Joan Keck
Mick Kelly
Lisa Kennedy, 2,3
Kathy Kerlin, 2, 3, 4,
Pat Kerlin, 2, 3, 4, 5
Kyle Killoren
Andrew Korf

Seth Leavitt
Tom Lischman
Tim Lynch, 2

Philip Mann
Mary Jane Mansfield
Joseph Martin
Kevin Martinson
Kris Martinson
Lily Masoner
Gael Maxwell, 2,
Walt Mayer, 2
Stephen McClellan2
Jessica Meeks
Rush Merchant
Heather Meyer 
Nancy Miller
Kohl Miner
Marielle Mitchell, 2
Stephanie Mitchell
Tim Mitchell
Christine Mounts
David Mruz, 2, 3
Ayana Muata, 2,
Cam Muata, 2
Marissa Myhre

Paula Reed Nancarrow
Cassandra Nelson
Anne Ness, 2
Linda Netzel
Nick from HelloTech
Loren Niemi

Gulin Oz
Darwin Patrick, 2, 3, 4,
J. P., 2, 3, 4,
Jade Patrick, 2, 3, 4,
Roland Patrick, 2, 3, 4,
Rich Patterson
Patti Peterson
Bert Pickering, 2,
Kim Pickering
Tabatha Predovich, 2
Brad Xavier Ptacek, 2
Laughlin Ptacek
Jessica Poor, 2, 3,

Ryan Rieber
Grace Riegel
Bosco Robinson, 2,
Qing Robinson

Coral Sadowy
Anne Shillock, 2, 3, 4,
Bret Shillock, 2
Ian Shillock, 2, 3, 4
Jane Marie Sullivan
Jonathan Stensland, 2
Carly Swenson

Jennifer Tetter
Ryan Tetter
Carolynne Trout

Kamp Welch
Brian Wene
Robert Wilkinson
Rachel Wilson
Harvey Winje
Bryan Thao Worra, 2,
Glenn Wm Wymore, 1, 2, 3,

James Zucco

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