Thanksgiving - 2019

Thankful for my cool family and friends who turned me on to some great shows I would have missed otherwise. 

Ian Shillock for Luther. Usually I don't like shows about rogue cops with anger issues but Idris Elba dominates a screen with all the authority of Napoleon marching across Europe.

Lynette Reini-Grandell for Peaky Blinders. Aside from the racing-pulse dramatics, honestly I'd watch it just for the atmosphere and the accents.

Stephanie Mitchell for Detectorists. The kind of fey, understated humor only the Brits can pull off.

Nancy Miller for FKA Twigs at the Palace Theater in St Paul. For fans of This Mortal Coil and the Cocteau Twins; as Nancy put it, "if feathers could sing. they would sound like her." Plus she can dance too.

Kti Mini came to visit while I was in Paris and she showed me through the arcades of the Grands Boulevards area. These elegant passageways open onto shops of all sorts, restaurants and even a hotel and a museum. One could live there, eat there and spend your days perusing beautiful old books.

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