RELEASE 9/28/2007 at Bedlam Theater co-sponsored by MN Spoken Word Association.
with Lolly Pop and Dr. Farrago's Burlesque, Sha Cage and E.G. Bailey & Special Guest.Erin Carere

INSPIRATION Plutarch- Life of Marc Antony, "They say, that same night the city of Alexandria was quiet and oppressed with fear, in anticipation of the morrow. Suddenly around midnight, people heard some kind of music from many instruments and the loud orgiastic cries of revelers and leaping satyrs, like the noises of a departing throng. It seemed to rage through the center of town, up to the gate facing the enemy and there the uproar grew loudest, and then vanished. To the interpreters, this seemed a sign that Antony had been abandoned by Dionysius, the god whom he most resembled and clung to." Also Cavafy & L. Cohen.

Words by Chris Shillock, Music by Tabatha Predovich, Rich Patterson. Erin Carere & Brooke  Calder.

THE BAND Vocals: Chris, Tabatha, Erin, Lynette Reini-GrandellEd Jirak. Guitar & effects Rich, Bass: Ike Russell Drums: David Gullickson. Violin: Lynette, Saxophone:Tom Zosel

PRESS Dwight Hobbes -Dail y Planet, Miscel  - Amazon  Rod Smith - City Pages

SELECTION Never, Black Sun Blues


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