LC9 by David Devaux

I stayed with David Devaux and his girlfriend Mina in Paris while he was working on this series called Lignes de Conduite (Guidelines). His tools consisted of  a drafting table, pens and rulers and it was fascinating to watch him work. Afterwards we'd watch movies or sports on tv. His favorite futbol team is Paris Saint-Germain. David also loves rock and jazz which he credits with his inspiration. He describes his work as "the creation of spaces, of colored fields; a contemporary reinterpretation of medieval stained glass, a search for harmony, a quest: all this and so much more. But above all the assumed choice, the desire to paint “rectangles”. Besides rectangles and soft colors  he's also an amazing cartoonist - acknowledged as a high art in France.

David et moi  à la  Comédie Française

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