Everything Changes by James Zucco


James Zucco worked as an art director in advertising but now spends his time drawing, painting and thinking. I bought the painting at a Gamut show which paired James with Kim Heidkamp, two artists whose clarity in very different media surprisingly complements each other's work. I was struck by the simplicity of black ink on white paper here and how it incorporates the elements of chance through shapes and shades created by the spread and the pooling of the ink on paper. The particular painting I bought shows either a human face emerging from chaos or one dissolving back into the void and - at the very crux of the line but slightly off center - there sits a knowing human eye penned in meticulous detail. At home I have the painting hung at eye level and it feels like I'm looking into a mirror and it's my own dark side coming forth. Gamut chose this painting to exhibit on their 10th anniversary show highlighting customers who bought art from Gamut.


Meditation & Creativity with Artist James Zucco

from the New York Times

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