Traveling Home by Susan Opitz

Susan Opitz took me in when I was driven from my loft downtown. She offered to rent me a room in her basement, When she showed me the room , it was empty except for this painting on the wall. I asked her to leave it there to provide the appearance of sunlight. When I left, I asked her if I could buy it but it cost too much for me at the time - (it's 3 ft x 2 ft). The day she helped me move though, she brought it over to me as a long-term loan. I live on the first floor now but my windows face a narrow alleyway so I still appreciate something sunny on the wall.

In Susan's Basement

I met Susan when she had a studio in the California Building where she sold her paintings, her jewelry and other crafts, All the time she dreamed of moving to the country and living off the land. A couple of years ago she bought some farm property in Arkansas and has been doing just that.

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