10 Minute Painting by daughtersandsuns

Gamut. Gallery has always been right out my backdoor. At the Handicraft Building we shared a back alley. Now it's a courtyard. I always came in the back door and never paid admission. 
A couple years ago I wanted to help them out so I went up to the front and asked to buy a ticket. Jade, one of the owners. came running up and had them hand me back my money.  She pulled out a bunch of blank membership cards from the desk, wrote in my name and under Expiration Date, wrote "Life."

So now Marielle Mitchell gets "grandfathered" into events. Here she is at Gamut's 11th Anniversary Celebration. Gamut had Lisa from daughtersandsuns  doing 10 Minute paintings for the party and we got this one done.  Marielle told me what kind of frame I should get.

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