from KOINONÍA by Isa Sanz

Isa Sanz came to my attention back in MySpace days with her exhibit "I Bleed but I Do Not Die". I remarked that all artists make themselves vulnerable but Isa Sanz more than most. She asked if she could quote me in her publicity, to which I readily agreed.  In her bio she calls herself  "A poetically provocative artist who turns her life experience into a gift for anyone who looks at her work." My life has been enriched by that gift and by the friendship of this bold, beautiful, and compassionate artist.

Isa continues " In my art I explore my place in the world as a woman, as a human being. I am interested in the body, the nude, the impermanent, love, the communion between the corporeal and the intangible, the ritual, the woman, the man, the unity behind duality, the infinite outside and inside us, the connection to the earth that sustains us." In addition to creating her own work Isa has inaugurated an international performance art festival TERRITORI. on the island of Ibiza where she lives.

You can see more of her work at and

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